K*B 12:03 05 Dec 2007

Hello friends. I use a win XP Pro pc running Office 2003 and the printer attached locally to the pc is HP Laser 1320. About 30 mins ago I sent a 92-page word document to print. After 7 pages got printed, the pc re-booted!I switched the printer off and back on and re-sent the document to print. Again a few pages got printed and the pc went into re-boot. I opened a different word document, 23-pages, and sent it to print but this one printed through without the pc re-booting. How can I fix the problem and so print my very important 92-page document? I had received it as an email attachment. Thanks.

  MAJ 12:35 05 Dec 2007

Try printing it in 20 page batches.

  xania 13:17 05 Dec 2007

Check how much space you have on your C:\ drive. I suspect that there may not be sufficient space left to creat the print file and hence the PC throws a wobbly and re-boots on error. Short term solution as MAJ suggests, but longer term ensure you have enough space on C:\ either by deleting unwanted files or, if you have you HDD partitioned, re-organise your partitions.

  K*B 07:32 06 Dec 2007

Thanks Maj, but the pc rebooted after the 5th page had printed. It failed to print beyond the 5th/6th page.

Thanks to you too xania. I checked free space on my hdd and there was 17GB of free space.

The crux of the problem is that this happened while printing this particular email-attachment file only. All other files have printed just fine. Any further ideas? Thanks.

  xania 08:49 06 Dec 2007

If this is the only time this occurs, suspect the document. Noting sinister, but there could be some sort of spurious character hidden there which the program cannot handle. I would live with it. Start again at page 5, limp through the glitch, and you could then find the rest of the document will print out without a hitch. Ingonore each page which refuses to print out and then cut the contents of those pages to something like Notepad, save this as a new Word document and print that out.

  xania 08:51 06 Dec 2007

Sorry about the typos - 1st line 'Nothing sinister', last line but one 'Ignore each page'

  interzone55 08:55 06 Dec 2007

Have you tried converting the file to a PDF and then printing it using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You can get free PDF creators on the web, I use PrimoPDF which is available here - click here

  Technotiger 09:00 06 Dec 2007

Or run Ccleaner click here this would cure any possible hiccup within the Registry, then try the print job again.

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