PC Security

  Ritchbee 12:42 14 Mar 2003


I'm a bit confused to say the least re the above.

What do people recommend to purchase ?.

Is Norton any good ? Which one ?

What other options are there (Zonealarm).

Don't XP and Explorer alraedy have some degree of protection alraedy in-built ?.

I use an internet bank so want the maximum security and protection.

Your advice and assistance etc would be most appreciated.


  Andsome 12:53 14 Mar 2003

This has to be your own choice. A lot of people on the site will recommend the freebies. But if you do a search here click here you will see that Grisoft do not come out of it very well compared with Norton. You have to ask yourself 'what can I get for nothing?' I use Norton Utilities 2003, and Norton Personal Firewall 2003. If you decide to go along this path it is better to buy them on CD, rather than a download, so that in the event of problems on your computer later, which could involve a reinstall of Windows, you can then reinstall Norton from CD. The choice really is yours, but you must have some protection, even if it is second best.

  flecc 13:00 14 Mar 2003

The Norton Anti virus part is good, but I think that the whole issue is overcomplicated by that companies suites.

The free AVG antivirus is used by many in the helproom including me, and it's excellent.

As for firewalls, ZoneAlarm is very good and free, but if you don't network I'd recommend the Sygate Personal Firewall which also comes highly recommended and is very simple to set up.

There's a new entry into internet security now, the "Benign" program from the Mailwasher people. This reads your incoming emails and attachments and rewrites them without any nasties. This costs 34.95$ (about 22 pounds) but well worth it for the total security it gives.

Use those three together and keep the Antivirus up to date and you'll never need to worry again.

Benign from here:-

click here

AVG from magazine CDs or:-

click here

  flecc 13:07 14 Mar 2003

I have to differ from Andsome and that test.

One of the most virulent of all recent nasties has been the I-Worm Opas trojan and of the extablished antivirus programs, only the AVG's heuristic scanning picked it up.

Others like Trend PC-cillin and Norton had to wait until an update was written in to include this worm.

This isn't to say the AVG is best, all this shows is that every antivirus program is caught out by something or other from time to time, and no one test has any meaning.

I've use several of them and have never found the free AVG wanting overall, so the fact that it's free is an advantage.

I also pay for Trend PC-cillin for testing purposes only as a comparison.

  Belatucadrus 14:04 14 Mar 2003

Looking at the free packages, the best test results are from Avast4 anti virus click here and for a firewall I suggest Kerio 2 click here unlike some others the free download is complete and not a cut down version of the commercial product.

  Andsome 17:34 14 Mar 2003

I told you that you would get different answers, it is a matter of personal choice, BUT AT LEAST GET SOMETHING.

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