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PC Screen Turned Blue and Killed The Machine

  napolenguinho 14:49 06 Jan 2020

I turned on my PC just now and, after opening Google Chrome, the screen started turning blue and, after some 20 seconds or so, the screen turned black (The monitor does receive signal, just a blank one). I've tried to turn it on without the GPU, with each RAM stick individually (I use two 4GB ones), with no RAM at all and nothing seems to work. I've also checked and the Motherboard's battery is with full charge. No beeping was heard by the motherboard as well. What should I do?


GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 2gb

CPU: Intel i3 (That's all I know)

Mother: ASUS B85M-E

RAM: 1x 4gb DDR3 by Kingston / 1x 4gb DDR3 by One Memory

  x13 16:19 06 Jan 2020

Any fans running or any led's showing? Might be the PSU has failed.

  napolenguinho 16:29 06 Jan 2020

Yes, all fans are working, but theres nothing shown in the monitor.

  wee eddie 16:49 06 Jan 2020

You need to take the "this is the answer" off x13's posting.

Whereas it's a good idea, I'm sure that it's not the final solution

  x13 16:53 06 Jan 2020

If there's no POST at all from the motherboard then it might be bad news. Even without a hard drive or ram it should show Power On Self Test and complain if anything amiss. You could borrow a PSU from someone just to try though.

  x13 16:56 06 Jan 2020

Agree with wee eddie , remove the tick as others will think problem resolved and will miss more help from others.

  napolenguinho 17:02 06 Jan 2020

Sorry, first post here lol

My guess is that the problem is in the motherboard, since it's an old chip. Any budget motherboard recommendations?

  wee eddie 17:17 06 Jan 2020

You would be well advised to get a similar MOBO to the one already installed, maybe with an slight upgrade of the CPU, although any speeding up will be almost negligible.

You can buy paired MOBO/CPU packages.

Others will be better placed to advise you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:26 06 Jan 2020

Strip it down to :-

Cpu 1 stick of RAM and connect to onboard graphics remove the GTX card disconnect headers to USB and HDDs

power on and see if you get any beeps / error messages.

  napolenguinho 21:58 06 Jan 2020

Powered it like you said, and nothing happens. Same thing, just nothing on screen with all LED's and coolers running. Can I confirm that it is a motherboard issue?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:03 07 Jan 2020

Could still be a PSU problem can you borrow a PSU to try?

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