PC in safe mode cant use mouse

  Hetti 12:32 08 Jun 2017

Hi all I'm trying to help my brother via the phone........he put PC into safe mode and after rebooting its still in safe mode (he thinks) he now cannot use his mouse to go into Administrative tools>system config to set PC to start up normally. Track pad and mouse don't work. Can anyone help please?

  Secret-Squirrel 12:47 08 Jun 2017

Is he using a wireless or bluetooth mouse? If he is then the drivers for it will probably not get loaded in Safe Mode. Ask him to plug in a conventional USB mouse if he has one.

If that doesn't work then he may have to resort to using keyboard shortcuts instead.

  Hetti 13:13 08 Jun 2017

Secret_Squirrel He's using a wireless mouse, he doesn't have a USB mouse. Is it possible to get out of safe mode without the use of the mouse if so would you tell me the shortcut keys please?

He discovered that Kaspersky and Revo are the only two programmes that can be used at this moment in time (he thought nothing could be used at first)

  Hetti 13:14 08 Jun 2017

If I can find a USB mouse will that be able to be used as it may need a driver also?

  wee eddie 13:38 08 Jun 2017

he should be able to navigate in Safe Mode, using the Up/Down/Left/Right Arrows on the Keyboard

  Secret-Squirrel 13:55 08 Jun 2017

Is it possible to get out of safe mode without the use of the mouse...........

Simply restarting the PC should get it to boot into Normal mode. Ask your brother to press the Windows key to bring up the Start menu then use the arrow keys to navigate to the Restart command then hit enter when it's been selected.

If I can find a USB mouse will that be able to be used as it may need a driver also?

Conventional wired USB mice usually always work fine in Safe Mode.

  Hetti 13:59 08 Jun 2017

He got usb mouse but the result is the same When the PC boots it says "Windows resuming" but only Kaspersky and Revo can be used. Cannot use text to navigate to Admin tools to set to boot normally therefore cannot use laptop stuck there in safe mode. Please advise if possible don't fancy a bill of the repair man.

  Hetti 14:42 08 Jun 2017

Thanks Secret-Squirell He managed to restart PC (tried 4 times) but it boots into safe mode every time. The USB mouse will not work either, I have not used safe mode for months and as you say It was back to normal mode after a restart, but it all seems to be different now, from what I read online you need to uncheck the box (that I selected to start it in safe mode) in Admin tools>system configuration general >select selective start up.

That would be Okay if only the mouse would work:>(

  Hetti 15:04 08 Jun 2017

Forgot to add there is no windows logo on screen nor is there a search box, when he boots up, all that is on the screen is his login window and in bottom right there is red circle with white cross for internet and the ease of use access

  onthelimit1 15:27 08 Jun 2017

Sounds as though it's going to standby and not shut down. Try pulling the mains lead out.

  Hetti 15:36 08 Jun 2017

will do......... ty

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