PC runs but does not boot

  Jamie Bruton 11:17 30 Mar 2019

I noticed there are many issues similar to mine on various forums but I have not noticed any with my specific set of variables; essentially, when i start my PC there is no BIOS beep, and therefore the pc does not boot to display an image on my monitor. I have replaced the cabel to no avail. The thing that strikes me ass odd, is that on top of the fans running fine the keyboard also powers up, but the mouse does not. I have even changed the mouse and keyboard cables around all the usb ports on my pc, and yet only the keyboard will ever turn on. I have also removed my RAM and turned on to a memory warning beep, so i know that my motherboard is at least still alive. Any solutions i can try with these specific variables?

  wiganken2 14:06 30 Mar 2019

BIOS beeps usually only happen when there is a fault diagnosed by the POST process so no BIOS beeps is usually a good sign. If your PC does not boot it may be a Motherboard issue. When you worked inside the PC did you earth yourself first? If not then you may have fried the Motherboard somehow.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:23 30 Mar 2019

If board and Fans are powering no BIOS beep then a good possibility your motherboard memory and cpu are OK.

Could be its not completing boot to the HDD / SSD check power cables and data cables also a possiblity the 12v line of the PSU has failed so no power to hard drives for booting.

One simple thing also to try is putting in a new CMOS battery.

  x13 15:56 30 Mar 2019

Any history of blue screening randomly every now and again over time? PC just switching off randomly? By that I mean not shutting down just going dead? I hope it's the PSU and not the mobo. If you could borrow a spare PSU off someone ( a friendly geek maybe) and test the PC with it - it will prove either PSU or mobo is bad.

  Jamie Bruton 12:31 31 Mar 2019

About 5 days prior the PC did turn off with no message but no bluescreen, it only did this twice. I have ensured every cable is connected properly( even those that dont matter). I dont know anyone who has a spare PSU, not entirely sure what a CMOS batt is but ill look into it. Also im fairly sure i grounded myself. Thanks for the advice nonetheless am pleased to hear theres a good chance it isnt the MoBo or the cpu.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:54 31 Mar 2019

How to change CMOS battery click here

  Jamie Bruton 19:11 31 Mar 2019

I have tried removing the cmos and placing it back in as i was told this would reset the bios settings or something but i do not have one to hand to replace it. Whilst researching my issue i have also seen people touching a usb to a certain set of pins on their MoBo, but the explanations for doing so were very vague if not non-existent. Can anybody shed light on what this may be?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:39 01 Apr 2019

clear BIOS pins click here I certainly wouldn't use a USB to do it.

  Bris 19:44 01 Apr 2019

I think that in the video you are refering to the person is using the metal part of a USB plug to short out the clear CMOS pins. As FB says, this is not a good idea! Better to use the shielded blade of a screwdriver. It is advisable to remove the wall plug first. After doing this and if does not cure the problem try loading optimised defaults from the BIOS splash screen.

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