PC running very slowly / stuttering

  Nramos 07:17 24 Dec 2016


For a while now my laptop (a toshiba qosmio x770) has been running very slowly. I open something it takes quite a while to open it, usually if I'm watching a movie (not online) with either VLC or MPC it stutters sometimes till a point where even windows stops responding. Haven't tried running a game in ages as it started to be impossible, even football manager lags a lot although it used to run BF4 at high settings before.

Using the perfomance bar in task manager and another program I noticed my disk was running quite oddly, every second it changes from 0% to 100%, back to 0%, and always this loop, even if it is idle. Yesterday it was even impossible to open a movie file as it just completely stopped while opening.

Anything I can try to check if the problem is really the disk or anything else?

Thank you

  Jollyjohn 08:03 24 Dec 2016

How much space do you have on the hard drive?

Open the back of the laptop, remove and replace the hard drive.

Try a Linux live cd. If laptop runs ok on this, I suspect hard drive failure

  wee eddie 11:18 24 Dec 2016

While this is unlikely to be caused by a Virus, you make no mention of the maintenance you run on your Lappy.

As well as an AV, one might well be advised to run these two, available as Free, Programs. CCleaner and Malwarebytes.

  Nramos 15:29 24 Dec 2016

It has loads of space, wouldn't be because of that for sure as I cleaned it quite a lot.

Ccleaner is a must hve for me. In reality after I run it it gets a bit faster but not for long. Actually every time I open my laptop I kinda have to run both Ccleaner and Avast otherwise it barely works.

Any tool i can use to try and diagnose this?

  Jollyjohn 15:59 24 Dec 2016

Have you removed and refitted the hard drive?

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