pc running very slow

  blueforever 21:10 10 Sep 2007

has anybody got any ideas why my pc has for the last 2 days been running slow and taking ages to connect to sites on internet have done full scan useing avast and results say no infections and no virus but when i do scan with spybot says i have trojan not sure wot to do wud like some help please thanks

  Clapton is God 21:14 10 Sep 2007

If Spybot says you have a Trojan - you have a Trojan.

Delete it

  snoopygirl 21:32 10 Sep 2007

it wouldnt hurt to down load a second spyware program and see if that tells you eny think good luck

  bionicle 22:40 10 Sep 2007

Be careful which spyware prog you download. Lots are actually spyware. Check the forum for good programs like Spybot, click here, or click here.

  skidzy 22:46 10 Sep 2007

Everything you need to from security to general house keeping of the pc click here

  Clapton is God 07:25 11 Sep 2007

By e-mail:

"thanks for your reply mate may sound a bit dumb but how do i delete it and where do i find it thanks"

Please do not use the yellow envelope to contact Forum members unless invited to do so.

I haven't used Spybot for years but, if it's flagged a Trojan, doesn't it give you an option to delete and/or quarantine it?

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