pc running too slow

  DRFUMMEL77 18:10 25 Mar 2003

I wonder if anyone can help?I am running windows xp on a new computer,and just recently the whole system has slowed down to a snails pace.The strange thing about it,is that once my broadband connection kicks in,the rest of the pc runs at normal speed.I have tried defragmenting the hard disk,also tried system restore a number of times,but nothing works.I have started to wonder if maybe a virus has managed to get through somehow,as my cursor arrow has started moving upwards all on its own,although this seems unlikely as i have a full Norton anti-virus software package installed.Please can you help!

  professor 19:22 25 Mar 2003

have you actually noticed how many winxp problems this forum has? i dont think you have a virus but i think winxp has gone wrong AGAIN and you can either to a fresh install of everything or get a better OS win98se for example,in fact i will only use 98se it may not be as "secure" in its "stand alone" state but install a good virus detector along with any patches and its better than xp anyday


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