pc running too hot ?

  stevieb27 18:34 06 Jan 2005

hi sons pc is duron 1.3 cpu,60gb hard drive win xp pro.i installed new heatsink and fan to see if that would help but still telling me its running too hot.can anyone tell me what temp it should be running at as the default setting is off and no indication given as to correct setting in acorp mb manual.cpu temp is around 48c.is this normal or too high?

  Rayuk 18:39 06 Jan 2005

48c isnt to bad,who or what is telling you it is running too hot

  Jeffers22 18:40 06 Jan 2005

CPU temp of around 48 is fine. AMD chips will run ok well above that.

  fsbb 18:54 06 Jan 2005

48c is ok.

My Duron system with no additional cooling runs at 55c and has done for 3 years.

I believe the max temp for Duron is around 80C

My Athlon 3000 runs at 55c also.

  Dorsai 19:07 06 Jan 2005

Just another in the courus.

48 is fine. My CPu nowe at 48. Normally is around 46-50.

Do you have any other problems, that make you think it is too hot?

  stevieb27 19:14 06 Jan 2005

software program on mb disk,but did not specify what settings should be so i can adjust the setting up to say60 or 63c and it will be ok?

  stevieb27 19:15 06 Jan 2005

sorry forgot to add it is currently set at 50c

  Dorsai 19:30 06 Jan 2005

My Temp monitor 'default' setting for too hot is 60.

As you suggest, I would just bump the 'too hot' setting up to 60.

As others said, AMD CPU's should not suffer damage till the get near, or even over, 80. So a max of 60 should warn of impending trouble, before it is too late.

  stevieb27 19:51 06 Jan 2005

many thanks for your help once again.will bump the setting up and see how it goes

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