P.C. running slow

  lintony 21:06 10 Jun 2003

Can anyone help me? My P.C. is running slow and I'm not too sure what to do to rectify this.

  lintony 20:52 11 Jun 2003


I took your advice and downloaded Spybot. I have run it and now have a happy comupter. :0)
Many thanks for your help.

  BillEmm 00:41 12 Jun 2003

madboy33™, your statement is just not true. Over 3 months testing this product I can assure you, and all other on this board, that only real errors are flagged. My tests included putting on faults, checking the errors the program reported and monitoring the symptoms of problems reported before and after fixing. 16 out of 16 users were happy to pay the 20 GBP to free their system from 'freezing', slow performance, intermittent errors etc. etc. etc.

As an on-going check I run the product once a week, on two systems, and it rarely flags an error. If it does I check it out and have never found anything that has not been legitimate.

I have tested it against Norton Win Doctor and found it to be more thorough, in that it finds and fixes errors missed by Norton.

One problem that I was having related to an inability to install USB 2.0 devices. I knew what the problem was but ran both WinDoctor and PC Doctor OnCall. WinDoctor didn't find the cause but PC Doctor OnCall did - and it fixed it.

If you have any evidence to counter the results of my tests and experiences then please enlighten us all.

  mammak 13:38 12 Jun 2003

lintony, am so glad i was off some help to you, regards,mammak

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