PC running - resulting in hair loss !

  bludywoman 17:29 13 Jan 2005

Okay, heres a thing, I dont know an awful lot about pc,s but have noticed recently that mine has been running incredibly slow, everthing I click is slow to react - web pages slow to load - it is like the system is drunk! I am on the point of pulling my hair out (husband says 'not good! - costs him a fortune when visit the hairdressers!!!) Anyway, have looked at other's postings, dated 2003, and quite a load of 'click here's take you to other info areas, such as pacman etc, listing files you dont need in msconfig.....This blows my mind (u-oh - more hair loss!) as I sort of know my way around a computer but not enough to go changing/deleting files - which would, knowing my luck bugger the system! (resulting in window loss - or 'pick a window!') I do have NAV 2004, and downloaded spybot S&D and pcBugdr, which I run every week or so, and also run diskcleanup. I also do defrag every few weeks.....but system is SOOOOO frustratingly slow.....anyone got any 'easy peasy' ideas to help me out (idiotproof?!) :O/

  bludywoman 17:30 13 Jan 2005

Sorry - initial title was meant to say 'PC running SLOW.....'! etc.

  JoeC 17:34 13 Jan 2005

Crap Cleaner from

click here

and here to disable many unneeded services

click here

  bludywoman 17:47 13 Jan 2005

ha ha ha ha 'crap cleaner'....do you think it would work in the house as well - I have to pick up after 4 little boys and a husband (as well as myself).....could do with a household one!.:O) Will give this ago once I get the 'gang' to bed!...

  topdude 18:51 13 Jan 2005

Could be due to programs running in the background. Many progs load themselves to run as soon as Windows starts.

1st / ctrl/alt/delete then click on processes. Look for anything using up the CPU ( on my system only "system idle process" using 99% all other entries are at 00 )

If something is hogging the CPU then select it and "End process" this will give you an idea what is going on. If it goes haywire just reboot and you will be back where you were before.

2nd / Look in Start/Programs/Startup and remove anything you do not use.

3rd / Start/Run/MSCONFIG/Startup Make a note of what is ticked then untick items one at a time and reboot. If it goes haywire just put the tick back.

Good luck.

  desperate1950 19:23 13 Jan 2005

Hi There
Have any of the four childen been making adjustments to the P.C. by sticking things in it IE> toast, bits of cheese, sweets,this can slow a P.C. down no end especialy a big mack that can stop them dead in there tracks my sister has two boys aged 6 & 8 and she is now very idept at pulling the sides of and extracting food from the interier some times the simple answer is the best befor the Techno mob are let loss on it.

Desperate 1950

  bludywoman 19:43 13 Jan 2005

ha ha good one....no...my kids are a little better trained than this...in fact, they are probably more technically minded than me!....My youngest is turned three a couple of days ago and even he can go through 'favourites' and log on to his favourite websites.......amazing!....they reserve all the sticky stuff for the carpet...how considerate! Also, I keep my hard drive up on TOP of the desk - next to the monitor - so that I can keep an eye on 'fingers and buttons' from the sink (where I spend most of my life!)...x

  Soapy8 19:45 13 Jan 2005

Having two little darlings myself I know how much rubbish (games etc.) they load onto the hard drive and use them only once or twice. Have a look at add/remove programs,(you can find this in,Start/Control Panel),and uninstall any programs or games they no longer use. Also when you do disk cleanup, you can cleanup the restore points which will leave only your last restore point. These do take up quite a bit of room on your hard drive.

  spikeychris 19:48 13 Jan 2005
  JoeC 20:21 13 Jan 2005

I lost mine trying to figure this out

click here

Courtesy of click here

  mattyc_92 20:53 13 Jan 2005

I see what you mean... how would that thing work, 'cause ya don't rewind DVDs!!!! lol

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