SOREBLADE 17:25 04 Oct 2005

Its a Laptop P4m 3.8GHZ 512RAM DVD Burner
and Recently its gone real slow its got an 80GB Hard Drive with 55.4GB free space and its got Anti-Spyware Anti-Adware programs I have used about 5 of them why ha it gone all slow it came with XP Home SP2 and also is it dual core??
In the system it says 3.8GHZ and under neath it says 1.82GHZ????????

  woodchip 17:54 04 Oct 2005

Check the BIOS that the FSB as not changed. Don't know what they run at. Also check for Virus with on line scan as slow computer and disc space disappearing, is first evidence of Virus

  SOREBLADE 17:34 06 Oct 2005


  woodchip 18:09 06 Oct 2005

For any computer

  SOREBLADE 18:16 06 Oct 2005

For any computer????

  dan11 19:06 06 Oct 2005

The "m" in the P4m is for mobile ( well usually). This means when your lappy is ticking over it will reduce the clock speed of the machine. It looks as if yours is reduced to 1.8Ghz. the machine does this to cut down on heat and battery power used. When you start some intense cpu applications the clock speed of the cpu should rise. Run cpu-id click here to find the true speed.

Dual core in some cpus means just dual cache core. Some chips have a dual cache of 1Mb each. It would be helpful to know the exact model number of the P4 cpu.

  SOREBLADE 19:07 06 Oct 2005

Have to go know you helped alot thanks!

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