PC restarts when trying to play games

  UniqueUsername64 18:29 06 Jan 2017

I have recently built a Pc, it being my first build, I wanted to test it by running a game, that game being rainbow six siege. The game seemed to run fine, until the situations game mode had finished loading and instantly crashed and rebooted. However this is specific to certain games, other games run without instantly crashing but usually crash later on, I can run simple operations fine otherwise - in other terms i have not yet crashed without playing a game. I have gone through quite a few forums, checking cpu and gpu temperature, installing the right drivers and most generic answers. The hypothesis I have lingering over me is that, the power supply is simply not too powerful enough. Yet I am hardly an expert and want to be sure on something, before forking out a fortune and buying blindly. The specs i have are as listed:

  1. Motherboard: GA-990X-Gaming SLI
  2. CPU: AMD FX-8350 CPU with Wraith Cooler, AM3+, 125W, 4.0GHz, 16MB Cache, 32nm, Black Edition
  3. Ram: (1) HyperX FURY Series 8GB DDR3 1866MHz CL10 DIMM Memory Module
  4. Graphics card: twin frozr gtx 970 4gb gddr5
  5. Hard drive: seagate barracuda 1tb 64mb cache hard drive sata 6gb/s 8.5ms 7200rpm - oem
  6. Optical drive: dvdrw driver
  7. Case: BitFenix Nova Mid Tower case
  8. Powersupply: EVGA 500W 80 PLUS ATX Power Supply Any help is much appreciated

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