PC restarts when playing larger games

  gyakuten 15:01 16 Dec 2014


Well, basically when i trying to play games like DayZ:Standalone for the first 10 minutes everything is perfect.. Later on my pc just restarts and gives me the selection screen whether to go safe mode or normal. And thats all i know, dont know what to do, bought water cooling, but it looks like its not the heat problem. Low graphics in game. However checking the events i get this:



Please help.

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:03 16 Dec 2014

Could be several things

low PSU power or even driver problems.

try updating your audio and graphics drivers first.

  gyakuten 17:14 16 Dec 2014

PSU doesnt give any other symptoms. Video driver uptodate but why audio? its ok i mean, but what would that give..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:49 16 Dec 2014

Driver conflicts can be pretty tricky, its always worth trying to eliminate.

Audio can be a main component using alot of resources in modern games especially High def audio.

  gyakuten 18:00 16 Dec 2014

i see, well everything is up to date and this began with my older windows, thought they are getting "jammed" so reinstalled new win7 with a full swipe. Dusted stuff inside pc too, but still cant fix it. btw my psu is Energon eps650W.

Still lets say games like leagueoflegends, hearstone, MK Komplete ed., Resident evil relev.. stuff like that runs just fine and at high performances.

  gyakuten 11:15 17 Dec 2014

delete this post, leaving these forums since this place is pretty useless.

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