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PC restarts when playing games :-(

  Bailey08787 11:27 26 Sep 2009


Recently finished a new build. Have tried installing and playing several games. Literally get a minute or so into the game before system resets itself (no lockup / freeze - just resets).

The games I've tried so far have been World in Conflict, Need for Speed Shift, Battlestations Pacific.

I've looked at the cpu temps and they seem about enough at 52 degrees.

Here's my system
i7 920 - running at 2.67ghz
Asus PT6 SE
6gb ddr3 ocz memory
Sapphire ATI 4890 HD
500W NorthQ PSU 4350GP-FL
Crucial M225 64gb SSD
Windows 7 RC1

Does a system reset instantly point towards a obvious culprit?
- memory issue / latency / voltage?
- power supply / overheating / insufficient watts?
- graphics card / driver issue?
- cpu overheating?


  Bailey08787 19:16 12 Oct 2009

ps - I sounded Scan out today about returning the card - they said they would accept a return, but if they test it and find it to be fine, would charge me £15 for courier costs

I'm still unsure if I've got a faulty card or just a gremlin in my settings / spec

(I guess it would also mean I'd be pc-less for 7-10 days)

  OTT_Buzzard 23:27 12 Oct 2009


I think it's time to make absolutely sure that all your mobo drivers and BIOS are up to date (click here). Once that's done, retest, but don't test above 850/975 (that's the highest guaranteed clock for the card).

If that doesn't fix it, then download GPU-Z (click here).

Open the downloaded file. On the Graphics Card tab, to the right of the BIOS Version string there is a small icon. Click that icon - it saves a copy of your graphics card BIOS. NOTE: this *does not* have any affect to your graphics card.

Open the Radeon BIOS Editor and load the BIOS that you have just saved. Please report back the voltages and frequencies it's set to.

Depending on the voltage shifts that it's using, it may be worth using something like rivatuner to coerce the card into a more stable voltage and freq. line. If the coersion works then the card is most likely defective.

The other way of doing it is to make the BIOS adjustments in the RBE and then reflash your card. I have no idea if that would affect your warranty so is probably best kept as a last resort.

I'll say again what I said before - if you can beg or borrow another PSU, even if it's just to run the graphics off, it would say once and for all if your PSU is operating properly.

Another alternative that might be worth thinking about is taking the card along to your local friendly PC repair shop and ask them to test it. It might cost £20, but again, will give a difintive answer as to whether the card is ok.

  OTT_Buzzard 12:56 13 Oct 2009

ATI leave an entry in Event Viewer when an overheat forces a shutdown.

That said, to monitor what's going on the rest of the PC when a shutdown occurs it might be worth downloading Everest Ultimate Edition (click here).

Turn on logging (I think it's somewhere under the file menu, then options. logging is somewhere about half way down the options window).

Set everything to log to either a text or html file of your choice.

Run a test either in 3DM06 or a game with logging active. See what is in the file after the PC has crashed.

  Bailey08787 22:48 13 Oct 2009

Hi - I've tried to upload a video of my bios settings click here but i think its a bit blurry

there's 12 different gpu/clock/voltage settings

  OTT_Buzzard 23:57 13 Oct 2009

Is your card factory overclocked? Do you have a link to the place you bought it from?

  Bailey08787 22:12 15 Oct 2009


This is the card I have click here from Scan

Don't think its factory overclocked

  woodchip 22:23 15 Oct 2009

Not gone no more than first Page, Have you tried turning down graphics Acceleration in Display Properties?

  Bailey08787 11:10 17 Oct 2009


  Bailey08787 20:01 19 Oct 2009

I'm going to try a fresh install of windows and hope that that solves it - not optimistic though

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