Pc restarts randomly and increasingly after each r

  Manbeastragewar 13:39 23 Jun 2017

Hi everyone, so this problem has been making me go out of my mind for a month now, I basically had an above average gaming pc (msi fm2 motherboard, amd A8 cpu and an R9 380 graphics card) I played with it a lot and everything worked perfectly for nearly 5 years (the graphics card is fairly recent though bought it last year) until one day it started freezing randomly while I was either gaming or browsing the Internet, sometimes it would freeze after 4 hours sometimes after 10 minutes, I was already having enough money for an upgrade, and I thought the A8 was starting to get old so I upgraded directly and sold my old pc, I kept the graphics card, the hard drive, the psu (corsair 650v) and I bought an i5 7600k and an msi h110m pro vd motherboard, after setting up everything and installing windows 10 my pc proceeded to restart instead of freezing randomly, I unplugged everything and tested the pc outside the case : it restarted after a while, changed the psu: restarted, took out the graphics card: restarted, even installed windows on a new hard drive : restarted, tried another motherboard :restarted, and the weird thing is it would work normally for like five hours, and then it restarts, and the upcoming restarts happen much quicker, it even restarted once when the bios was starting to show on screen after the pc restarted. Basically I'm at a loss of what to do because I do not know what the problem could be since it seems that all the components are fine, I've yet to try the cpu but since my last pc kept freezing (and on it's last days restarting) I really doubt it could be the cpu, anyway if any one of you guys experienced this before and could help me in any way I would be very thankful

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:59 23 Jun 2017

If you have changed all componets and it still restarts then may be you need to look at the house wiring.

Did you use the same mains lead? faulty lead wire loose in plug

was it in the same socket? plug loos in socket wire loose in socket.

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