pc restarts during games

  bigsarge 17:42 07 Aug 2011

Does anyone know why my pc resets during certain games, ive tried prime95 on my cpu and iv also ran afterburner kombuster on my graphics card and they seem fine, no problems with overheating, this leaves me thinking possibly that its my psu.

this is my specs:

asus p8p67 pro mobo

intel core i7 2600k 3.4ghz

corsair 8gb ddr3

ATI radeon hd5850

The PSU is a thermaltake toughpower 750w, any help or advice would me much appreciated

  ACOLYTE 17:45 07 Aug 2011

What games does it reset on,and by reset you mean resart the pc or just the game?

  bigsarge 18:05 07 Aug 2011

It restarts the pc or reboots as it were, so far it has only done it during witcher 2 and shogun2, hunted the demons forge seemed to run fine....

  ACOLYTE 18:06 07 Aug 2011

Having re read your post it sounds more likely a driver/file error than anything else,either a corrupt game file or if it happens in all games Direct X,sound/graffix driver.What OS are you using,maybe the game/s are not fully compatible or you need to run them in compatibility mode or not,depends on the games/OS.To many possible things could be the cause.

  bigsarge 18:13 07 Aug 2011

Yea ive looked everywhere for an answer, so many ppl with the same problem but no certain answers, its a new build, only 5wks old maybe, the os is windows 7 home premium....its so frustrating trying to locate or even narrow down the possibilites, prime95 has been running for nearly 2 hours now with no problems, i ran kombustor on the gpu earlier for a solid hour with no issues so surely that should discount both cpu and/or gpu overheating?

  ACOLYTE 18:23 07 Aug 2011

I have noticed with shogun2 there is a patch for DX11 support,no idea if that would help,or if you have it but might be worth a try if you haven't. link text

  bigsarge 18:36 07 Aug 2011

Shogun runs thru steam tho, it automatically updated before i played it....

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