pc restarting after fitting new RAM

  Superstylin 11:41 10 Sep 2004

i tried to upgrade my pc today with 256mb RAM on top of the 128mb it already had. everything went fine initially, and i was made up at change of speed but then the pc began to restart itself, in the end not even getting past the start up screen.

after attempts at checking all connections were secure incase i'd knocked something inadvertently, as well removing and reinstalling the new RAM i admitted defeat and removed the new RAM altogether. the pc is working fine again.

have i got the wrong RAM or is there something wrong with the module?!

i have a compaq 6207ea running windows XP. the old RAM is Samsung DDR PC2100 CL 2.5, and the new is (unknown brand, has a logo of an 'M' with a band encircling it) DDR, 266 mhz, CL 2.5

  Legolas 12:14 10 Sep 2004

Is your new memory also 2100. Check your m/b manual to see if you can run your new memory ok. If so try running with just the new memory in if you are still getting restarts then I would suggest that the memory is faulty. If you can try out the new memory on another system.

  Superstylin 12:36 10 Sep 2004

yep new memory is pc2100. i don't have a m/b manual, the pc came as standard to a compaq presario 6207. i've looked for info on the m/b by running belarc advisor which tells me the 'main circuit board' is compaq 0804h but that had no use it seems. i've ran crucial's memory configurator too and it tells me this memeory is fine, tho i am wondering about " 2 banks of 1" in ref to the number of memory slots, i'm unsure whether this means i can have 2 different sized modules (eg, 128 + 256mb as i'm trying) or if they have to be both the same (eg, 256 + 256)?

anyway, i'm gonna try removing the old and installing the new, see if that works :s

  Superstylin 13:03 10 Sep 2004

Thanks Legolas, i did as u suggested. removed my old ram and replaced with the new and the pc still restarted. thus, we have diagnosed faulty ram! lol

ok, now to getting a refund from the ebay seller!

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