Pc Restarting

  swanny2 15:17 27 Feb 2007

Hi there.
My Pc has recently started to restart on its own i might only be listening too say the radio or viewing something,and it restarts.
Now sometimes when i press reboot i get a load of text an at the bottom saying , Searching for Boot Recored from cd-rom ,then Boot Failure insert boot disk.- not found.
Now if i keep rebooting it,it will eventually sart up ok where i enter my password etc.Any 1 any ideas ,why my pc should all of a sudden just start rebooting itself.
Swanny :O)

  uesquebeathus 17:04 27 Feb 2007

more info please the spec, how old , have you done anything to it lately.

  skidzy 18:05 27 Feb 2007

Firstly lets try and stop the system restarting over and over,this will give us a chance to find out if any error codes exist.

Start/right click My Computer/Properties/ Advanced/Startup and recovery/settings/Untick automatically restart and ok.

Also run the system file checker

Start/Run and type sfc /scannow (note the space /)

Understanding sfc click here

This assuming you have xp.

  swanny2 22:52 27 Feb 2007

cheers .
skidzy im runnin xp ye windows media centre. Ive got as far as Advanced but theres no start up an Recovery i can see in there so i cant go any further sorry.

  swanny2 22:57 27 Feb 2007

sorry mate miread it yes ive unticked that box now. why ? and when i went too run type sfc its askin for my disc ,i havent got it . Missplaced it .:O( cheers anyway

  terryf 23:30 27 Feb 2007

Without the win cd it won't run scannow, you will have to look for it or one very similar, it is possible that any winxp cd will do because it is only looking for the I386 folder on the disk

  swanny2 10:46 28 Feb 2007

As i was posting in here last night ,my screen went blue an the message- Kernel Stack inpage-error. appeared , and i had too reboot,then as i opened IE i was told a error occured and microsoft had shut down error report, then another message popped up ..
Dr Watson postmortem Debugger,another error an needed to close again , ive no idea what the last message was as ive never had that before.

  skidzy 16:15 28 Feb 2007

Looks like your going to need the xp disc to sort this Swanny,maybe even a repair and i think your going to need a xp media centre disc.
As terryf says,you may be lucky with a normal xp disc.

If you follow the link i posted regarding sfc and understanding this,you may be able to correct some of the issues.

  swanny2 10:35 01 Mar 2007

ok mate thanks

  swanny2 09:15 05 Mar 2007

Ive still not been able too get hold of a disc,but this time when the screen went Blue,i got the Message
Problem has been detected,shutdown too prevent Damage.Check new Hardware or Software is installed properely.If problem continues disable or remove any newly installed Hardware or Software.
Disable Bios memory options such as Caching or Shadowing.. whatever that means? The only thing ive installed lately was i downloaded a game pool/snooker click here and the problem has been only since that was put on,but i cant really see it being the game ,the root of the problem? i might be wrong ,not sure.
cheers Swanny :O)

  swanny2 09:18 05 Mar 2007

O h by the way using controls for this game you have too use the f4 f2 f5 alt/cltr buttons,wether this has anything too do with it,im not sure.

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