PC Restarting

  sjl17 11:51 04 Mar 2004

My PC seems to restart whenever I play Championship Manager 4. When this happened the optimal settings for processor speed etc were loaded, thus reducing the Athlon 1800XP speed down from 1533MHz to 1150MHz. This seems to have solved the problem but there seems to be an obvious decrease in performance due to this reduction. Whenever I increase the speed again the problem occurs. Does anyone know what the problem could be? From some investigation I've done on here it seems it may be the PSU that is faulty. I have a PC Chips M810LR motherboard, with 640 mb of RAM, using onboard graphics.

  tom boy 11:58 04 Mar 2004

it could be either heat or PSU i think. What temp are you at?

  tom boy 12:00 04 Mar 2004

what rating is the PSU, as you may need more power to run it.......

  sjl17 12:05 04 Mar 2004

The PSU is 350W i think. Temp was about 45 - 50 degrees?

The problem is the PC is about 18 months old, and it has only started doing it recently - I haven't installed any new hardware either. So it can;t be a shortage of power, unless the PSU is faulty?

  sjl17 15:05 27 Aug 2004

I know I posted this a while ago but the problem is the same, I've just had to cope with the lesser speed!!!
I want to upgrade the processor, but if I don't diagnose the problem it might not be worth it!!
Any ideas??

  sjl17 17:16 29 Aug 2004

Anyone help?

  Totally-braindead 17:37 29 Aug 2004

As the others have said its probably one of 2 things overheating or lack of power. Regarding the overheating check the Bios temps when your Pc has been running a while and see what it says. Regarding the Power Supply if you have 2 cd drives fitted try disconnecting one of them and the floopy as well and any other peripherals you have which use the computer power supply such as a USB scanner or an external card reader. Run the system like this and see what happens. Rereading your original post, does this only happen when you play this game or does it do it with anything else, if it only does it with this game then there is no problem with your computer and its the game thats at fault. I think this is kind of an old game, am I right? If so what operating system are you using? If its XP then the problem may be the game is not 100% compatible with XP.

  sjl17 18:40 29 Aug 2004

It happens even when not playing the game now, so I don't think its the game. Will try the power supply fix first. If we can definitely say its one of these problems, I'll go out and get a new motherboard, processor and PU!

  sjl17 12:31 31 Aug 2004

I monitored the temp of the CPU when playing the game using Motherboard Monitor 5. At one stage it went upto 81 degrees C. Is this normal? I thought I had read somewhere that 90 degrees fries it??

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