PC Rescue will not function properly

  Bruz 22:28 26 Dec 2007

My os is ex pro sp2 and I have 4 hard drives in my computer 2 sata and 32 ide. When I first installed PC Rescue on this system it worked fine.
Then it started to stop scanning before the end of the last drive. When it stops scanning it is supposed to show a list of errors and you select the errors you want fixing, this does not happen. The PC Rescue people kept telling me that this software fixes ALL computer problems, they guarantee it!!!
It will not fix mine. They said that some thing in my system was upsetting PC Rescue so I ran it in Safe Mode and it still screwed up.
Anyone got any ideas.

  bluto1 22:41 26 Dec 2007

I don't use PC Rescue so I don't know it's capabilities. Sometimes it's worth uninstalling and reinstalling a programme because that action serves as a repair. It might work, I hope it does. Happy New Year mate.

  Bruz 05:48 27 Dec 2007

Thanks for your input bluto1.
I should have mentioned that, I have removed PCR so many times it is not true. I cleaned out the registry, removed all trace from the hard drives and rebooted before reinstalling, added the latest update all to no avail.
Regards Bruz

  tullie 08:17 27 Dec 2007

As a mater of interest,read this

click here

  Bruz 09:19 27 Dec 2007

Thanks for that tullie, it ticked all the boxes, I thought it was my computer that was crap not the softwate.
However saying that it did work at first and It does work on a friends computer.
I have to agrre with all the comments on that link.
Thanks again, I will do without it.
Cheers Bruz

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