PC refuses to boot/turn on

  arch2000 11:00 24 Jan 2017

So, i recently bought a new graphics card (Gtx 1060) and when i went to use it my power supply died. After a while i worked out what had happened and bought a new one that was 550W (1060 requires 400W). I was using my PC and realised that it was getting really hot so i decided to cable tie all the cords to the sides of the pc box so the airflow was better. When i went to reboot it refused to start and after a whole day of searching forums and asking tech friends and testing it to try and make it work i decided to (having already removed the GPU) take off the CPU fan. I put it back on and it worked! I booted up the system probably 5 times to check that it was ok. Then i put the GPU back in and now it won't turn back on at all even after i removed the GPU again. I know that its not the power supply because when i plugged the GPU in the LED light up, what could it be? Before i started it up for the first time (after the initial break) when i went to turn it on the fans sometimes (about 1 out of 20 tries) would flinch for half a second and stop. Please help me!!

  alenasmallwood 12:25 24 Jan 2017

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  Archonar 12:54 24 Jan 2017

Ignore the post above - that number is most likely not even remotely genuine

  wee eddie 15:14 24 Jan 2017

Spammer ~ FE told

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