PC reboots without warning and no error

  Cferg712 18:40 12 Jan 2018

So i've been having an issue with my PC where it reboots randomly and without warning. I've checked the fans and they appear to be working fine so i don't think it's a an overheating issue, and i've changed the power cable so i know there's no issue with that either. It is plugged into a power extender, but my other stuff plugged into doesn't seem to power off so i'm unsure whether or not that's the issue. I've checked a number of forums but i haven't found an applicable fixes so thought i'd give a shoot asking on here, and help or advice would be greatly appreciated :)

  wee eddie 18:54 12 Jan 2018

You could be overheating. There may be an accumulation of dust inside

  Cferg712 01:37 13 Jan 2018

whoops i forgot to mention, i'd cleaned it out about 2 weeks ago and the problems persisted. It's 3 and a half year old so getting on a bit, and it's never rebooted to safe mode - would updating the drivers be a possible fix then? Thanks for the response guys

  Cferg712 13:39 13 Jan 2018

The last time i booted it up in safe mode was about a year ago i think? it's not been in safe mode at all since the reboots started happening. I checked the device manager and the roll back option was greyed out :s

  wee eddie 13:52 13 Jan 2018

When you cleaned it, did you take the fan off the CPU and clean between the fins of the heat exchanger (radiator). Blocking the air's passage through the CPU radiator is the most frequent cause of your problem

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