PC Reboots Itself Whilst Playing Games/ No BSOD

  Patrick Webster 14:53 06 Dec 2016

Hi folks.

I have an annoying issue that has surfaced with my PC in the past 2 months. Basically, whenever I am playing a game, after an indeterminate period of time, my PC will just reboot itself with absolutely no error message.

This is happening now in 9/10 instances. I have disabled automatic rebooting in system properties to try and coax a BSOD, but nothing on that front.

This is purely conjecture on my part, but it feels like this may be a PSU issue; I have my doubts here though, since this is an issue that has only just surfaced over the past couple of months, so lack of wattage doesn't seem right.

Overheating also doesn't feel like the issue; CPU is liquid cooled and have numerous fans. Lords knows how many times I have also cleaned PC out.

I don't want to jump the gun and buy a replacement piece of hardware without some advice, so anything you guys can offer would be fantastic :)

UPDATE Tried to run an OCCT PSU test, rebooted within a second.

PC Specs:

PSU: 750w Corsair

GPU: GTX 980

RAM: 16gb Corsair

Motherboard: ASUS Ranger

  mistermaek 19:06 17 Dec 2016

What model is your corsair psu?

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