Pc rebooting after bugcheck.

  *Kat440* 17:00 19 Apr 2007

Have had 3 crashes on the PC since last night and when looking in event viewer at the error logs i find the name save dump and when getting more information on it i get this report.

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck.
The bugcheck was: 0x0000009c (0x00000000, 0x0f78b0050, 0xb2000000, 0x1040080f)

A dump was saved in c:/windows\minidump\mini041807-01.dmp

Can some one please explain what all this means please!! Lokked in the file mentioned above but straight over my head> !!


  Technotiger 17:13 19 Apr 2007

Hi, sounds like a hardware problem, possibly Memory stick related or PSU (Power Supply Unit).
Have you made any hardware changes recently.

  *Kat440* 17:19 19 Apr 2007

lol where do i start!!

Think it might be PSU as my brother mentioned checking that if the crashing was still happening after he changed the memory because the other memory was knackered.

  *Kat440* 17:27 19 Apr 2007

Thanks for shedding some light on that Technotiger:-)


  Technotiger 17:27 19 Apr 2007

Hmm, brother changed memory? OK if brother is certain new memory is ok and seated firmly etc, then PSU could be suspect. Do you know what power the psu is i.e. 350w or 400w or what - punn intended :-)

  *Kat440* 17:28 19 Apr 2007

Now your asking!!!

Haven't got a clue??!!! Where do i look to find out?

Nice punn!! made me chuckle.

  *Kat440* 17:29 19 Apr 2007

memory is all ok and seated correctly.

  Technotiger 17:38 19 Apr 2007

Quite easy to check on size of PSU, it is on a large label on the PSU, unfortunately (and I don't know why) but the label is usually on the top of the PSU making it impossible to see without at least partly removing the PSU.

Do you feel able to do this yourself? I can explain further if you wish.

  *Kat440* 17:41 19 Apr 2007

Oh Dear.

I think so? If was house work no probs!!

Ok you will have explain further for me if you do not mind?

Much appreciated


  Technotiger 17:56 19 Apr 2007

Right, it will mean first, close down pc in normal way and then disconnect from the Mains.

If the sides of the Tower case are individually removable, take off the left-hand side (looking at pc from the Front) there will be two screws at back of case on the side you need to take off.

Next simply touch any metal part of the case in order to discharge any static electricity in your lovely body (don't worry, we all have static electricity in our bodies) - this is only a precaution to prevent static electricity from damaging internal components.

Then look at back of pc and you will see a metal grill with the Mains plug attached to the pc - this plug is actually attached to the PSU. So now you know where the PSU is you can locate four screws on outside of pc holding PSU to case (one on each corner of PSU) remove these screws and gently support weight of PSU and remove sideways from case - just enough to be able to see label on top of PSU. Make a note of Power it will be marked 350W or whatever.

Replace psu, tighten all screws, replace side of pc.

Re-insert Mains cable to PSU and re-start pc.

I will post this response now and check my instructions and give you time to read and if necessary make notes.

  *Kat440* 18:00 19 Apr 2007

Right thanks for that will reply back in a bit when sorted.

Got to feed the Kids now before they create!!


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