PC reboot at rondom moments durin battlefield 1942

  [DELETED] 16:37 30 Dec 2003

I have checked 'EA Games' technical support. There is one thread which was put on there which described what i had, it said to check whether i had a 'VIA' motherboard, if so update it, but i dont have a via system. My system manufacturer is Medion (power 3000 which was bought yesterday. i have updated the graphics card drivers also but still the computer crashs at random moments whilst playing the game. My computer is well above the recomended system requirements so i knew it wouldnt be that, but i dont know what it could be now.
After the computer rebooted itself, an error message came up saying that a serious error had occured and whether to send this error report to microsoft. i sent it and this page came up:

click here

i have tried EA games help, but still nothing

Any help would be much appreciated
Many Thanks
Nick Kehoe

  [DELETED] 16:57 30 Dec 2003

Could be sound/video drivers direct x it a matter of elimination can u go back to the original g card drivers and see if it happens again.


  [DELETED] 17:03 30 Dec 2003

You tried the latest battlefield patch 1.5?

what devices are installed on your machine, are the latest version of the driver's for them etc?

  gold 47 17:12 30 Dec 2003

Not all computers will play all games even powerful ones.

  [DELETED] 17:16 30 Dec 2003

Try searching the forum for aida 32. You may have a board that uses the VIA chipset in which case you may need the latest drivers for it to run properly....

  [DELETED] 17:54 30 Dec 2003

Responce by email:

that is the original gfx card, only got the pc yesterday. for the Direct x, i have direct x 9. wb


OK,i didnt mean the card i meant the drivers you had installed before you upgraded them,if you can get them back see if it still happens,the detonator drivers from nvidea are now called forceware and i think the latest is the link pilch posted,also your manafactuer is median you could still have the VIA chipset on your mobo
The latest of those i think is the hyperion 4. somthing ones,and if the pc is only 1 day old can u not get in touch with the helpline for your pc,they will know more about it than any1


  bremner 18:22 30 Dec 2003

Does your machine have an AMD or Intel processor.

The only reference I can find is to a Medion Powerplus 3000 click here={57965E30-21BB-47F7-AF70-18FFADD475C7}&CatID={DBDA21AD-4E77-4BDA-BF3A-6009FCE3C897} which has an MSI 6716 mobo.

This is not shown on the MSI site click here but the majority of their boards are based on the via chipset.

gold 47 ?

  [DELETED] 18:25 30 Dec 2003

pentium 4 3.06. ok so u think i should try and update the mobo?

  [DELETED] 18:30 30 Dec 2003

i checked my 'DxDiag' an it doesnt say nething about VIA apart from my ethernet and my 'host controler', those are made by VIA, but nothin about my mobo

  [DELETED] 18:32 30 Dec 2003

Open device manager look in system devices open with little + then read down list should say VIA on there if you have them.


  [DELETED] 18:43 30 Dec 2003

Or if you have it look in the mobo manual should tell you in there what chipset you have.


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