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PC Re-Starts Seconds After Shutdown & Sleep

  RegScriv 09:46 22 Aug 2015

My PC re-starts a couple of seconds after shutdown. I've tried everything, BIOS settings, Regedit settings, Power Option Settings & Network Adaptor Settings. Here's the thing, if I switch on my 3Tb external USB3 hard drive, shutdown & sleep work normally.

  RegScriv 13:13 22 Aug 2015

Thanks for you feedback rdave13. I've been struggling with this problem and tried numerous fixes. I've read on the Internet that USB problems can cause my shutdown/sleep problem. I fitted a USB3 card to drive my relatively new USB3 ext hd. I've been trying it with the hd on and off now for quite a few times, and so far it's been very consistent in working normally with the hd on and with shutdown problem with the hd off. I can live with that if it's proved to be the problem. I may remove the USB3 card and try the pc without it to see if it proves the point.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:42 22 Aug 2015

power options in BIOS disable wake on LAN and wake om ring

  RegScriv 21:57 22 Aug 2015

Tried that, it didn't work. This is the most difficult computer problem I've ever had to deal with. I'm pretty convinced the problem lies with my USB3/ext hd setup

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:51 23 Aug 2015

Device Manager

in the USB controllers and HUB settings

look at the properties - power management tabs - Allow computer to.....

may be a tick or untick there will solve the problem.

I found that my USB3 drives were slow to open (fine once opened) and have unticked all.

Perhaps the computer needs to power them off before sleeping.

  RegScriv 16:31 25 Aug 2015

Ok, thanks Fruit Bat. I've been in to my USB hub under Device manager and unticked all those boxes where there was a tick "Allow computer to turn off this device to save power". Over the last few days, my pc has been behaving itself, but it's worth making this adjustment anyway. The only changes I made which may account for the pc is behaving itself is that I moved the ext USB3 hd to a different USB3 outlet on the same card. Long shot. Thanks again.

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