PC randomly shuts down while gaming - Please Help!

  jack_04 12:11 26 Jun 2016

Hi. I built my PC my self about 2 months ago. I had some troubles with the PSU and had to get it replaced but generally it went well. Recently I have been having some and issue when playing games where my PC just randomly restarts. It sometimes doesn't turn on straight away and I have to sort of nudge it or move it around a bit. It only ever happens in games which makes me think it's something to do with the GPU or PSU. Maybe to-do with the amount of power ( I have a R9 380 for a GPU which draws alot of power. Along with and i3. I have a 550w PSU (evga). I did a stress test on the GPU using FurMark and within 10 seconds my PC shut down. I also tried taking out the graphics card and it didn't shut down but I didn't know how to test games because I didn't have a GPU to run them... when not playing games PC runs very well.

Any advice on what to do? Should I invest in a better PSU? Also is there a way for me to test games and see if my PC shuts down without the GPU?

Anything you can think of will be apprecisted. Thanks.

  wee eddie 13:35 26 Jun 2016

My guess would be that your PSU is slightly underpowered for what you have. But, even though you have only just set the system up, I would go through the cooling system with a fine tooth comb to check for clear and consistent airflow patterns and that your application of the Thermal Paste has done the job adequately.

  MrRaz 14:31 26 Jun 2016

My first thought is that your pc is overheating.

Run something like OHM with a temp guage widget and run a game see if any of the temps go really high above what is the max operating temperature of that component.

The gpu might also be needing too much power just because your psu says 550 it doesn't usually mean it will be able to deliver constant 550w. I'm personally using an overclokced 280x and overclocked fx 8350 and I am using a 650w psu so I dont think lack of power should be a problem

  jack_04 15:02 26 Jun 2016

Im pretty sure it's not to-do with temperatures... I've checked the temps of both the CPU and the GPU and they both are around 60c at highest just before the PC has shut down do that's prob not the problem. I may just try and buy a 650w or even 700w for future and see if that works? Any other ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:32 26 Jun 2016

It sometimes doesn't turn on straight away and I have to sort of nudge it or move it around a bit

Check all connections to motherboard are tight

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