PC Randomly restarts after windows 10 update.

  Jamalaman 12:29 22 Nov 2015

I've had this problem for a while where my pc will just randomly restart, ive tried updating drivers, scanning for viruses and disabling the auto-restart so it would be a blue screen, yet no luck.

Im running windows 10 and didnt have this problem before, so i've been waiting for an update to solve this, however this has not come. M

My temperatures seem fine. I have a suspicion its the nvidia driver however, as at startup it occasionally blanks my screen for 1 sec and resumes with no further problems. However i also suspected my wifi driver as it seems to be affected after these restarts where it asks for the code of my motor, but after another restart is fine.I have reinstalled it, and there's been no difference.

If anyone could help me fix this i would really appreciate it, thanks.

  Govan1x 12:44 22 Nov 2015

Check by expanding C drive to see if you still have Windows old on your Computer, if so that can be deleted using Disk clean up. Those that have also downloaded the latest windows update version 1511 will also have a new Windows old that comes with it. It takes up 22 Gb of disk space and slows your computer down.

Wifi. Check in device manager for the driver details. If it is a Microsoft update. Run driver update and select let me choose which one. You should get a choice,Choose the one that goes with you Wirelaess card and not the Microsoft one.

Maybe do the same with your graphics driver or download the latest version from their sites.

  Jamalaman 16:56 22 Nov 2015

![So run this right? ]1

  Jamalaman 16:58 22 Nov 2015

click here only see one windows file and have netgear wireless adapter. Also do i run cleanup system files option?

href I

  Jamalaman 16:59 22 Nov 2015

click here Sorry having problems with images

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