PC randomly loses power when the light switch is t

  Steamed Bun 12:18 14 Jul 2018

Hi guys,

I recently bought a new PC from amazon (click here and it seems to have a power problem.

What happens: The PC loses power for a split second - turns off and then immediately turns back on again.

When it happens: When I turn the light switch on, when I turn the microwave on, when I turn the charger for the hoover on, it has a chance to happen.

This did not happen with my old PC (same house).

The strange thing is that the PC is connected to a UPS (which works fine, if I switch of the power supply to the UPS, the battery keeps the PC on).

So what should I do, replace the PSU?

I guess I wont be buying something valuable like a gaming PC from some random manufacturer via Amazon again, heheh...

  wee eddie 13:24 14 Jul 2018

I would get an Electrician in.

Nothing to do with the PC. It sounds as though your House has an Wiring/Earth Issue. This could be dangerous

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:15 14 Jul 2018

Sounds like you are getting voltage spikes which a UPS will not protect against.

The new PC is probably more susceptible to the spikes.

I would get your house wiring checked out, an electrician will pug in a couple of meters to your wiring to tell if circuits are complete and sockets wired correctly.

  Steamed Bun 15:28 14 Jul 2018

Thanks a lot Eddie, Warlord and Fruit Bat!

I'm moving to a new apartment in a month or so, so there should be any problems there if the issue is with the wiring of this flat.

I've only used the UPS (for PC + Monitor) on this socket, so not sure if anything else plays up if plugged here.

I could tell my Estate Agents what's going on, but at the rate they do things...

Guess I'll just have to be a bit more careful about when I switch stuff on and off, for these few weeks.

Cheers, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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