PC randomly looses power during use

  Danyyil Moysa 15:22 07 Aug 2018

Hello everybody. I have a problem with my desktop PC, it randomly loses power and restarts after 3-4 seconds without me doing anything. The problem seems to occurre completely randomly I can't find any pattern, it can happen while the pc is under heavy load but it also happens while it's being idle as well. My specs are i7-7700 MSI GTX 1050ti Corsair cx750m 2x8 ddr4 corsair ram I've already tried to: 1)Disassemble and reassemble all the parts 2)change power cable 3) use different wall plug 4) reinstalling windows 5) couldn't run memtest because the power losses are very frequent lately and I can't manage to complete tests.

  wee eddie 17:45 07 Aug 2018

On the GTX 1050ti, the heatsinks are covered by the fan casings.

Have you had the Fan Casings off to clean the dust off the fins of the heatsinks?

  Danyyil Moysa 17:50 07 Aug 2018

Yes, I also monitored temperatures and they were fine.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:52 07 Aug 2018

Heat can be a cause especially in this hot weather.

SO a good clean out and check all fans are running is essential.

However have you had a look in event viewer to see if any errors or warning show in there.

  Danyyil Moysa 17:56 07 Aug 2018

Yeah, I know but cpu and GPU temperatures are ok

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