Pc randomly freezing or restarting

  Otter98 06:40 16 Apr 2018

Hi everyone. I've been having PC issues for a while now. My PC keeps restarting or just freezing, with no blue screen. It happens during games most often but sometimes it happens while watching videos or simply browsing the internet. The stats for my PC aren't especially high when it freezes (cpu 39% and gpu 68% whilst playing overwatch). I've tried reinstalling drivers, getting more ram, getting another more powerful psu as well as getting a surge protector but to no avail. I'm thinking maybe its the motherboard? I honestly have no clue at this point.

This is my build: build Many thanks


  Govan1x 10:15 16 Apr 2018

My screen just freezes but does not restart.

Have you tried cleaning the inside of the computer especially the fans and heatsink make sure there is no fluff on the Fins of the heatsink.

Not got a clue why mine does it beginning to think maybe my PSU but will wait till things deteriorate further.

Are you using W10 home in all my Googling it seems that most of those with this sort of problem are using it. Probably just a coincidence maybe that is the most popular version.

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