pc randomly crashes while playing games, really ne

  Mitch Benstead 19:45 16 Jan 2017

hi, this is kind of a last resort as my friend has almost given up, pretty much during gaming sessions her pc randomly crashes ( screen freezes and then we have to reboot it via restart button ) very rarely it bluescreens sometimes aswell. ( only when she is gaming ) we just cant identify the problem, it got built about a year ago at a pc shop ( we bought the parts they fitted them ) all new parts apart from the SSD/HDD both got wiped, its very random as to when it happens, could be after 30 minutes/sometimes 3 hours, its not a temperature issue as everything stays very cool . under 40c , we just cant work out why this keeps happening, all drivers are up to date tried googleing the problem but nothing has seemed to work, hoping someone here might now the cause of the problem ! the GPU is a R9 380 , the motherboard is a MSI 970 gaming and the CPU is an AMD FX 8350 and it has been happening pretty much since it got built.

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