PC randomly crashes during high-performance tasks

  MortisFillius 20:07 25 Jul 2018

So, been having a very annoying problem, as randomly during play, my computer will just crash (It crashes in the way that the screen will go completely blank and the PC restarts right after, kind of in the same way, as if you'd just hit the reset button)

I logged my temperatures and they were incredibly high (95 C at times), which is something my CPU was not equipped for, I assumed therefore that it was an overheating problem, so I bough an effective new heatsink, but while this fixed the temperature problem, it still crashes on high performance tasks.

After reading a bit online, I thought it might be the power supply not being strong enough, my current one is 500W, so I thought about getting a 750W or 850W, buuuut after looking at the prices, I really wanted to get some second hand opinions on this, before potentially wasting money on a power supply capable of handling the task. What is especially puzzling is that after using multiple power supply calculators, they all say my power supply fall at about 370 W needed. For testing the power supply theory, I tried playing the largest battle I could in a total war war (4 armies vs 4), and that worked fine (tested this, as it was a game the pc frequently crashed during play), only allowing my CPU to use 70& of it's normal efficency. It worked, multiple times. Then I played a lot less powerful game, and it happened again… Same settings.

There's also another thing about the crash that might be worth mentioning, after the crash, my 3.0 USB ports have to be plugged in and out to work afterwards (no idea why).

No idea when the problem started, as I haven't used the computer in a bit, and only recently have I been able to install high-performance games. Before the extended pause however, I did install a set of 4 gb DDR3 ram, but I obviously tried removing them, it changed nothing.

Here's the computer's main specs.

Video card: nvidia geforce 960 CPU: intel core i5-4460 Ram: 4 * 4 DDR3 ram Motherboard: MSI B85M-E45 OS: Windows 10

I'm honestly lost here people, which is why I am trying to give as much information as possible, so apologies for the long text, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Side note: There doesn't seem to be much of a pattern, other than I can play simple games normally, and this happens only during more complex games.

I have a keyboard that allows me to see how much pressure the processor and ram is, sometimes it's high and crashes (makes sense if it's the power supply) and other times it's low, and still crashes (Makes less sense).

  wee eddie 20:58 25 Jul 2018

You have successfully identified the problem but may have missed the solution.

The screen going blank suggests that the Graphics Card is overheating.

Make sure that there is a clear airflow through its heat exchanger.

You may have to take its cover off to clear the dust away

  MortisFillius 21:09 25 Jul 2018

I don't think the graphic card is the problem either, as nothing has really changed with it, and I have cleaned it from dust quite well. The thing is, would the entire computer shut down, if it was only the graphic card?

  MortisFillius 09:17 26 Jul 2018

Okay, as it couldn't hurt to test the graphic card theory, i downloaded a tool to log the temperatur, and it crashed at 40 C when it could run normally at 70 C the day before.

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