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PC RAM upgrade advice please

  keverne 16:42 01 Oct 2017

I've got a HP Elite 8100 SFF desktop PC with 4GB of RAM running Windows 10. This consists of 2 X HP 2GB sticks in two of the four slots. As an update I've ordered 2 X 4GB ram modules from Crucial.

My question is should I replace the 2 GB sticks with the new 4GB and be happy with a total of 8GB or can I fit the 4GB's in the spare slots as an addition to give 12GB?

  keverne 18:05 01 Oct 2017

Yes, that's the PC. Is using RAM from two different manufacturers likely to cause problems?

  Secret-Squirrel 08:57 02 Oct 2017

Is using RAM from two different manufacturers likely to cause problems?

No, it won't.

Just make sure that both pairs are installed in the correct slots to enable dual-channel memory to work correctly. The two remaining slots will almost certainly be the ones to use for the new pair. In addition, motherboard RAM slots are nearly always colour coded so each pair is installed in slots of the same colour.

  wee eddie 10:20 02 Oct 2017

There is an argument that you plug the larger value RAM sticks into the primary slots to get a marginal speed gain.

I think that the likelihood of a human being able to notice the difference is rare.

You should note that if the two sets of RAM are of different speeds, the whole will run at the speed of the slowest. Again, I'm not sure that the average human would be able to tell the difference and you are more like to get an added advantage from the Gigabytes than you lose from the reduced speed.

  keverne 11:16 02 Oct 2017

Thanks for the info everyone.

When the order arrives I'll install them in sockets 2 and 4 and see what happens.

  keverne 08:54 04 Oct 2017

RAM installed to give a total of 12GB. Thanks.

  wee eddie 10:07 04 Oct 2017

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