PC PSU Fuse Fast Blow or Anti-surge Slow Blow.

  Ex plorer 15:07 07 Mar 2007

Hi I have an old Amstrad ALT 386SX laptop I gave a Quid for but it wont power up I have striped it down to find a blown fuse in the PSU there are two in all.
Its a 250v 2amp glass type.
After looking in eBay I see there are two types Fast Blow, and Anti-surge Slow Blow, what should I go for.

  spuds 15:54 07 Mar 2007

Try Maplins for advice and possible purchase of the correct fuse.

  Ex plorer 16:49 07 Mar 2007

Ok thanks for advice there are a few Doe's and donts when switching the PC on I am hoping this may have been the cause its wort a try as its in its original box with all as if been bought new even a second key board with all different keys to alter.

  Diemmess 17:29 07 Mar 2007

A Slow-Blo fuse like the apparatus it serves is typical of past design.
As I expect you know, the blown fuses are a symptom, not a likely cause of PSU failure.

If you buy what you want, I think they will have a very short life in circuit.

From your description of its almost mint condition, it might be worth seeing what you can find to replace the entire PSU from a used Amstrad.

If you are stuck and can't sell it on, then you can try a Dan Dare approach, and fit anything that will go in up to say 5 amps and keep a hand on the main switch to switch off if you see smoke or signs of fire!

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