PC Processor going mad!

  andy625 19:36 20 Nov 2005

I have a PC with a P3 600Mhz processor that I use for playing/recording CD's and internet radio. Its loaded with XP and is connected by a wireless USB network card to my wireless router and works ok. There's practically no software on there (no Office etc), just Media player, acrobat and Soudblaster programs etc.

My problem is that I have noticed recently that the unit makes a lot of noise when its not really doing anything except play an internet radio station. When I checked on the task manager I noticed that the processor was running at 100% practically all the time! Sureley this is not right? My other pc doesn't do this.

I tried unplugging the USB sound card, and wireless network card one by one, and this does slow the processor down a bit, but its still running at a pretty high percentage.

Do you thing there's something wrong with the machine, or is it just not up to the job?

  Chegs ®™ 19:40 20 Nov 2005

Have you turned off any un-needed background services within XP,also have you disabled the indexing on your HD.

  absent 21:25 20 Nov 2005

Check for spyware, malware, etc. search this site for lots of free options I will start you off with these click here click here

  Terry Brown 10:33 21 Nov 2005

The XP system is very power hungry, and a 600 processor may well be fuly stretched. A lot depends on what memory you have on your system, as less than 512mb, will force the processor to keep swapping data.

  andy625 21:38 21 Nov 2005

Thanks for the replies. I have turned off the indexing, and have also installed and run spybot. It found a few bits but I deleted them and it made little or no difference. I think that the memory is about 512mb as I obtained the pc from work, where I used to use it as a cad station running autocad on win 2000. I have recently salvaged it from the work skip, reformatted it and am attempting to use it as a "media" pc for listening to internet radio, and media files. Trouble is (as my wife says) it sounds like there is a saucepan on low boil inside the case all the time...Not so good in the lounge! I think I should have maybe stuck with Windows 2000?

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