PC probs, trojan?

  rizzo200 09:17 17 Nov 2008

I need help!

I think I have a Trojan on my PC. The symptoms are:

Cannot read the CD Rom drive

Can’t access My Computer (no icons)

I cannot connect to the internet, it just says connecting and I have a blank page, and can’t cross off or close the page, I have to reset the PC.

I cannot load Superspyware or Avast

Can’t switch users.

Can’t access network connections through Control Panel, the icon freezes.

I have KDXhostexe come up as a closing page and also I have noticed wipywoozooz.exe.

I took it to PC World yesterday, who were less than helpful, I don’t think I have the recovery disc and Windows disc, though I am sure that I didn’t last time I had the system wiped. That is the only way they will guarantee the removal of a Trojan. That is £50, if it doesn’t work, its £30 to wipe and reinstall, or I can just go straight into wipe and reinstall.

Can anyone help me out here? I can use the USB port.

TIA for replies

  rawprawn 09:52 17 Nov 2008

Can you start in Safe Mode and then run SuperAntispyware?
Keep tapping F8 when you boot to get into safe mode.

  rizzo200 10:14 20 Nov 2008

I have had to hand it over to a professional as it is completley stuffed, can't access any icons or get it into safe mode any more. Looks like the OS has been affecting by the nasty.

Thanks anyway

  tullie 10:20 20 Nov 2008

Pity you hadent waited for advice on here to save you money.Did you try what Rawprawn suggested?

  tullie 10:22 20 Nov 2008

Sorry i forgot,dident you have any antivirus software allready installed?

  rizzo200 10:44 20 Nov 2008

I did do as Rawprawn suggested to no avail, but I can't even get into anything now. My anti-virus obviously failed!

  User-1229748 12:23 20 Nov 2008

what pc is it because you may have a recovery partition on it,if you have you could probably do what pc world will do by pressing one button at startup

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