PC problems when connected to the NET

  richkw 11:31 14 Dec 2003

I’ve been tearing my hair out for the past couple of months trying to solve the following problem to no avail.

Everything on my PC seems to work just fine unless I’m connected to the net. Using Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, I can surf, receive/send e-mails etc with no problem. However, I am unable to print without disconnecting. The print icon appears at the bottom of the active window, but nothing happens. If I disconnect, the system tray icon appears and I can printing starts as normal. It even prints spooled pages that wouldn’t print while connected.

Also, when connected, other software, such as Excel, Word etc., will not load. As soon as I disconnect, bingo, everything runs as normal without any further action by me.

Norton System Works throws up nothing. Norton Anti Virus is clean. I’ve run AdAware and other utilities trying to detect any malicious code. Again, nothing. All hardware appears to be functioning correctly.

My only thoughts are whether the system has overheated, as the problem first started in the very hot weather back in August. I’ve vitually discounted problems with memory and the processor as everything else is up to speed. Total system crashes are a rarity, although occasionally happen for no apparent reason.

The system is by Mesh with an Athlon 800mhz processor, 384mb of RAM anmd running Windows 98 2nd. Edition. It is not networked.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.



  Ironman556 11:43 14 Dec 2003

Have you tried running a repair on office? If not, got to help and there shoulf be a "detect and repair" option.

secomndaly (and you've probably tried this one too) have you downloaded any updates for your printer? If not try that.

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