PC problems. Please help! I'm panicking here!

  JaySteel 10:23 01 Jun 2011

Hi there. I've just finished working on wedding photos for a wedding I did a couple of weeks ago. As usual I have been regularly backing them up to my PC and two external hard drives. As I attempted to back up the final versions I opened the folder on my PC only to find that it has re-named all the images and mixed them all up. It has also mixed up the thumbnails so many of them no longer correspond to the relevant image. I checked the 1st external hard-drive and the images also have corrupted thumbnails but they haven't been re-named or mixed up. I tried the 2nd external hard-drive but the usb port has just snapped of and will need re-soldering in order to make it work. I'm having an absolute nightmare! I'm now burning copies of the images from the 1st external hard-drive onto disc so at least I won't lose the images completely.

Can anyone please give any suggestions on how to recover the files on my PC? I'm scared to open any other folders containing images on my PC in case they've all been corrupted.

Best regards, Jason

  wee eddie 10:43 01 Jun 2011

What, if any, software have you download, or activated, recently?

What Anti-Virus and Anti Malware Software are you currently using and is it regularly updated and run?

  JaySteel 11:54 01 Jun 2011

I use AVG software and it regularly updates itself. I have recently run 'TuneUp Utilities' program on my PC. It took a couple of hours to scan the whole PC and then a further 5 hours next time I started the PC. I don't know if I was experiencing any of these problems before I ran this program or not. My PC has started freezing a lot lately which is why I ran this program.

I have just clicked on one of the corrupted folders on my PC and changed the settings to show hidden files. I had planned on deleting the 'thumbs' but now the entire folder with the images in has disappeared!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:09 01 Jun 2011

Try Recuva here

  JaySteel 12:31 01 Jun 2011

Thanks for your reply and suggestion. Seeing as one of my folders on the PC is now showing all the files in their uncorrupted state with correct names and thumbnails, I have been able to burn this off to disc thankfully. So I haven't lost any of my images from this latest wedding which is a huge relief. I now need to copy all my work from my PC onto my wife's external hard-drive but I'm worried that these will become corrupted when I do. I'm now stuck as to why this has happened and what I can do to stop it happening again? I want to do further work on the latest wedding images but again I'm worried that when I save them they will become corrupted.

Best regards, Jason

  wee eddie 13:06 01 Jun 2011

May I suggest adding Malwarebytes to your armoury.

  JaySteel 13:54 01 Jun 2011

Thanks for that recommendation. I've downloaded this program and I'm currently running a quick scan. I'll come back with the results.

Best regards, Jason

  JaySteel 17:28 01 Jun 2011

Following people's instructions I have now run a couple of programs:

Malware bytes CCleaner + registry BitDefender QuickScan

This seems to have sped up my internet considerably. The PC speed seems to be improved a lot and it's not freezing up any more so I'm hoping that means the problems are all fixed and I won't suffer any more corruption to files or whatever the initial problem was. Thanks to everyone who has offered help and advice. It is very much appreciated.

Best regards, Jason

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