PC Problems: no signal monitor, freezes and random restarts (Windows 8.1)

  terminhantor 13:49 06 Dec 2014

Hello everyone. I'm having problems with my PC. When I try to start the pc, most of the times the monitor shows 'no signal', but the pc is running (all the fans are running and the lights are on), but the lights on my keyboard (Caps Lock) and Mouse (I have a mouse with a light indicating the current 'mouse speed') are off. All I can do then is turning the pc off manually (by holding the power button a couple of seconds). Other times, when this doesn't happen, Windows freezes on startup (black screen, or while showing the windows logo) and sometimes it shows the windows loading screen, and then loses signal afterwards. Sometimes, it restarts automatically while having no signal, but then the same problems occur again. Other times, it loads the startup repair. In startup repair, when I click 'Continue to Windows', the same problems occur. When I eventually get it working (by manually restarting numerous time until it works), a lot of times it also freezes (and sometimes random restarts) while already using Windows (for instance, watching a video file, watching youtube, playing a game or whatever).

A friend of mine built this system for me in April this year. At that time, I installed Windows 8.1 on it, but I got about the same problems then. When I installed Windows 7 instead, it worked without any problems. I bought an SSD last month, and I installed Windows 8.1 on it, but now I get these errors. Because of this, I think it has someting to do with Windows 8.1 (maybe compatibility issues with my hardware?) but I'm not sure. I really like Windows 8.1 and I'd like to (try to) fix this, and have the Windows 7 install as a last resort solution.

Also, sometimes the programs I'm running (when I'm able to start the pc normally and not crashing, which is maybe 5% of the time) are not responding. At those times, I can move the mouse freely, but the programs show 'not responding', and the desktop isn't responsive as well. I would think that a system like mine would be able to run without such flaws.

I also have a watercooler installed (Corsair H80i), but it makes a lot of noise. I've managed to reduce that noise by using the 'Quiet Mode', but when I start the pc, it still makes a tremendous amount of noise, because it is testing the fans (Power On Self Test?). Is there a way to disable this? This question is just a small one and has less priority than the problems of my pc!

I hope someone can help me with my problems, because I really want to use my computer to its fullest without any problems, since I paid a lot of money (>1.000EU, which is a lot for me) for this pc. I've had a lot of problems since I had it, and to be honest, I'm getting pretty worn out. For anyone responding to this thread, thanks in advance!

Here are my system specifications: MSI 990FXA-GD65 Motherboard G.Skill SNIPER Series 8 GB RAM Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001 2TB HDD MSI R9 270X GAMING 4G GPU AMD Black Edition - AMD FX 6350 CPU Samsung 840 EVO Basic 250GB SDD

tl;dr Problems with pc: no signal monitor on startup, freeze on startup, freeze while using, random restart while using. Maybe it is caused by Windows 8.1 compatibility. Help needed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:11 06 Dec 2014

Do a start up repair several times (min 5) even if it says unable to find a fault.

  rdave13 16:37 06 Dec 2014

Check the connections are sound in the PC and reseat the ram and GPU. Once up and running check the SSD for errors.

  terminhantor 19:12 07 Dec 2014

Thanks for your replies. @Fruit Bat /\0/\: I did startup repair 5 times as you said, but it gave me the same message each time: "Startup Repair couldn't repair your PC" @rdave13: I don't think it's wise to place my GPU in the other slot, because then the GPU would be standing right next to the power supply (the fans would get

blocked). I tried replacing the RAM, but the same problems occur. It might be worth mentioning that I ran prime95 a month ago, which stress tests CPU and RAM. I ran it for 8-9 hours with no errors.

  terminhantor 15:44 03 Feb 2015

Hello again. My pc is still showing the same problems. I have searched the internet for possible solutions and tried most of them, but with no success. What I have done so far: - Clean install Windows 8.1 and 7 on SSD and HDD - Updated Audio Drivers of the motherboard - SSD firmware update - Reseat and/or remove RAM sticks

Can someone please help me with finding the problem and a solution? Thanks in advance!

  wee eddie 15:52 03 Feb 2015

Back to basics: Monitor is receiving power but no signal.

Check its cable ~ Possibly a bent/broken/missing pin.

Check your Graphics Card and its Drivers, you say that you've tried re-seating it, try again. Is its Power Supply plugged into the Motherboard?

Remove your Graphics Card and plug into the On-board Graphics

  terminhantor 10:19 04 Feb 2015

@wee eddie Thanks for your reply. Sometimes the monitor has a signal, and sometimes it doesn't. For instance, when the monitor shows no signal, I press the restart button of my case and sometimes it restarts and has a signal. Could it still be the cable if this is the case? My motherboard doesn't have on-board graphics (there is no entry for a monitor cable), so without the graphics card I can't connect my monitor to the pc.

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