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  buff0x 20:51 13 Jan 2003
  buff0x 20:51 13 Jan 2003

ive just bought a new motherboard and cpu, and ive placed the board in correctly, all the wires are in correctly, but when i switch the pc on, it dont give a signal to my monitor. Ive had the problem before on an older system and i thought the mobo was dead, then 5months later i bought a new case, and thought id try it again, and it worked, dunno what i did. Just wondering if any1 had any ideas on what to do or if they have had the same problem before.

  mark3110 20:55 13 Jan 2003

Does the MB have onboard video, or are you using a card?.

IF your using a card then you may be better removing it and using the onboard video untill you can change the bios..



  buff0x 21:07 13 Jan 2003

it doesnt have onboard, its an abit be7, the card i use is a pci card (gf2mx 400)

  mark3110 21:13 13 Jan 2003

All i can think of at the moment is that you disconnect everything except your keyboard and graphics card and see if it goes as far as the POST, can you get another G card to try?


  mark3110 21:13 13 Jan 2003

Oh, and swap pci slots

  buff0x 21:17 13 Jan 2003

ill try get an agp card, and ill try what u suggested, thanks

  woodchip 21:18 13 Jan 2003

Go over all the jumpers again, follow the book. You should also know what the volts are for the cpu so you can set them correctly, these can be found underneath the cpu fan on the cpu

  Grimy Corporal 21:20 13 Jan 2003

Try this, remove the motherboad from the case and place it on a non conductive sufrace ie piece of strong cardboard. connect HDD, instal graphics card, memory and cpu. If it boots up to the post screen then we can assume that when you instal it in the case something may be shorting to earth so check carefully that nothing is touching the tracks underneath and all brass mounting posts are where they should be.

  Grimy Corporal 21:22 13 Jan 2003

Oh also you'll need to have it close to your PC power supply to connect the ATX plug to the motherboard, unless you remove the PSU from the case for this exercise

  buff0x 21:24 13 Jan 2003

cheers, ill try that 1 aswell :)

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