PC Problems

  Wrighty 00:00 10 Aug 2006

Hi there,
I am running XP home with 512 memory 1.8 processor 80gb hard drive. PC has been running fine, however tonight I was scanning some documents and printing them out but printer would not always print document and PC would freeze. I finally did get all documents printed. Then I found that when online I selected the send mail button and just a outline of a box appeared NO TEXT to say send mail etc. I then when to my computer and checked hard drive. I right mouse click on hard drive icon and again nothing but a blank box.If I placed the curser over the box then text did appear but not all of it. This happens on most icons. Prior to starting any of this tonight I received 4 updates from Microsoft which I installed but not sure if this is the cause or weather it is could be a memory problem?
Going to run Spyblaster now. I have anti virus on PC and Zone Alarm which are kept up to date. I also run Ad aware as well.

If anyone could advise me I would be grateful.

Many thanks


  .:?:. 00:02 10 Aug 2006

try a system restore to when it was working.

  johnnyrocker 00:03 10 Aug 2006

system restore if xp and install updates one at a time to eliminate poss offenders?


  Wrighty 00:47 10 Aug 2006

Hi there,

Thanks for your prompt replies. Do you think the updates had something to do with this problem

Stinger and Spyblaster should everything fine.


  Wrighty 01:22 10 Aug 2006

Resore worked OK. Must have been one f the Updates that has coused it.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.



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