pc problems

  moorie 20:10 15 May 2006

hi my sisters pc keeps shutting down everytime she trys to sign on to aol broadband,aol stated uninstall aol and re install however this didnt solve the problem,their second attempt stated uninstall the voyager modem drivers and re install ,however the drivers fail to load,i ran system mechanic and memory had dropped to 7mb could this be the problem ,as we cannot now access the internet to assess if the problem is spyware etc why would the memory fall so low,system mechanic recovers memory to target but it quickly falls back,tried running disk defragmenter and that cant complete due to insufficient memory
could the low memory be the reason the drivers fail to load? she is running win 98 2nd edition

  Joe R 20:41 15 May 2006


how much ram is installed,? and is any being used for onboard graphics/sound etc.

Also what size of pagefile is there.?

  moorie 20:58 15 May 2006

hi thanks for reply sorry not at sis house now,she has 128mb of ram the rest i cant answer

  FatboySlim71 22:37 15 May 2006

Don't know if this will help but this tells you the minimum requirments to run AOL Broadband.

click here

  FatboySlim71 22:39 15 May 2006

If you only have 7mb at the time you are trying to access AOL broadband, this would stop it, as AOL broadband needs amongst other things, 128mb to run.

  moorie 18:50 16 May 2006

thanks for replys going to upgrade memory to 512mb cant understand though why her internet connection has worked for 9 months without doing the shut down thing?also mention that when defragging the c drive got to 8 % and said disc requires repairs click yes to fix and then returned insufficient memory to complete task.memory or hard drive?

  Joe R 19:31 16 May 2006


is it possible, that the hard drive is almost full.?

This would account for the errors.

  moorie 19:56 16 May 2006

hi thanks have been through the hard drive and uninstalled programmes so hard drive has only programmes required sorry dont know size of hard drive

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