PC problems

  Tony18 22:12 12 Jan 2005

my pc makes a high pitched beep when playing games is it over heating or something

  Dan the Confused 22:25 12 Jan 2005

If it's a continuous high pitched beep then it could be the thermal monitor alarm telling you it is overheating. Give your PC a good clean, esp the fans and check the CPU fan/cooling unit is seated correctly.

  Tony18 22:40 12 Jan 2005

no its not continuouse its like every ten minutes or so a quick beep

  Dan the Confused 23:04 12 Jan 2005

See if MBM5 helps click here

  bluesbrother 00:05 13 Jan 2005

If you have an Award Bios it is the CPU overheating, you might have a bad fan.
click here

  ACOLYTE 01:16 13 Jan 2005

My pc somtimes beeps when playing games if i press to many buttons at once,like trying to move up across and duck at the same time,dont know if thats what your problem is just an idea.

  Tony18 18:48 13 Jan 2005

the beep is not at the BIOS or at the start up of the PC itself it is only during games which i guess is because they are using alot of the PCs power

  Dan the Confused 19:08 13 Jan 2005

Try turning off all alarms and warnings in MBM5 (assuming there is no problem with temps etc).

  bluesbrother 21:27 13 Jan 2005

If an Award BIOS detects that the CPU is overheating it may play a high pitched repeating beep while the computer is running.

  Tony18 00:00 14 Jan 2005

how can i check all the CPU tempretures etc and does any one know what tempretures every thing should be at

  Totally-braindead 00:13 14 Jan 2005

You can check via the Bios, to get into the Bios you press a button on the keyboard before windows loads usually Delete but it should tell you on the screen, be careful not to alter anything just look through untill you see the temps. The temperature depends on what your processor is, mines an AMD Athlon XP and typically runs at 45 degrees or so for the CPU and 25-30 for the system. Post back with the processor you have in your PC and someone will tell you what is normal. For the Bios bleeps thing you can look at this click here

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