Pc Problem, motherboard and memory problem ?

  stephen0205 17:54 24 Aug 2008

Ok i have a asrock alive nf6p-vista motherboard, it has 1 stick of 2gb ddr2 800mhz memory, when i stick the second stick of memory in the pc turns on, but nuthing on the screen. When i remove the stick all is fine again, if i put the 2gb stick in the second slot and remove the one from the first slot the pc turns on and displays nuthing on the scree, and sugestions, its relitivly new, bought in march 2008.


  woodchip 18:01 24 Aug 2008

Check the manual on what size memory is allowed in slots, also what slots these should go in first

  stephen0205 18:07 24 Aug 2008

em it can take 4gb of ddr2 533/677/800 so it should all be fine

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:10 24 Aug 2008

sounds as if second slot is faulty, have you had a look at the memory settings in the BIOS?

  woodchip 18:10 24 Aug 2008

yes but how should it go in the slots? is there only 2 slots?

  Zeppelyn 18:30 24 Aug 2008

Just peeked at manual and above spec is correct, 2 slots only on the board. You dont say if you have tried the new stick in slot1 on its own. Suggest you try that and if no joy then would return the stick for replacement. Any beeps when you switch on?

  stephen0205 17:00 25 Aug 2008

em there isnt any setting in the bios, its a rather shit basic bios, it only has 2 slots yes, if the new mem stick is in slot 1, the pc boots beeps and is on its way, but if i stick the new one in slot 2 the pc turns on dosent beep and does sweet fa. The memory is compatable and machiene is capable for 4gbs, and support 800mhz

  DieSse 17:47 25 Aug 2008

The motherboard is clearly faulty, from the symptoms you have given.

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