PC Problem

  clayton 02:23 14 May 2006

now ive built quite a few pcs in my time but never had a problem like this.
A friend needed a new pc case so i went & purchased one,moved the mobo,dvd drives ect over from the old case & the pc would hang @ the xp screen, it even did the same connected to my pc.

I then tried to reinstall xp in the new tower but i could only get sofar & the screen would go blank, so i had to install it in my pc then move the drive back over.

Now when i put any cd into either dvd drive all discs are read as music & if i try to install anything from the dvd drives the pc crashes.

Im now thinking that maybe the motherboard has been damaged by static from my hands all i can really think of now, ive changed all ide cables & taken everything out of the case & started again but no joy.
Is there anything else it could be ??? thanks for any help you can give.

  WhiteTruckMan 09:09 14 May 2006

Have you got one of those little brass motherboard monting screws in the wrong place, and maybe its shorting something out?


BTW a thread description a tiny bit more detailed than 'PC Problem' would probably be appreciated by quite a few people.

  howard63 22:08 14 May 2006

following on from what WhiteTruckMan says remove the mobo from the case and place it on a dry newspaper and see if the problem disappears if so it is a shorting out problem. Not only a brass support but maybe a spring connector at the back of the case.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:08 14 May 2006

"Not only a brass support but maybe a spring connector at the back of the case."

forgot about that. Thaks for the reminder.


  clayton 23:36 14 May 2006

Thanks for your replys,i took the motherboard out again & did find that i had fitted an extra brass support, ive now removed this but still cant get either dvd drive to read a cd/dvd, the drives work ok in my pc & all ide cables have been changed.
I will try running the pc with the mobo out of the case see if that works.

  rodriguez 23:44 14 May 2006

If you weren't careful when you moved all the parts, you could have damaged some of the components by a static charge. Before i open a PC up I touch a radiator or something else made of metal to discharge myself. If the computer hangs it could could be static damage to the motherboard or RAM or even the graphics card. If there's one thing that completly ruins chips, it's static electricity.

  clayton 00:26 15 May 2006

rodriguez the pc works fine now just cant get the dvd drives to work.

  terryf 00:32 15 May 2006

Try the signal and power cables, have you looked in device manager?

  WhiteTruckMan 07:54 15 May 2006

with a floppy or cd. make sure you select the option to enable cdrom support (works with dvd drives as well). then try taking a directory reading of both a cd and a dvd. it may bump the drive letter down one temprarily if it creates a ramdrive, but it should tell you this. if you dont know how to read a direactory in dos please say so.


  clayton 15:21 15 May 2006

Thanks for your help guys, the floppy drive doesnt work either so ive gone & purchased a new motherboard just hope i dont mess this one up :)

  WhiteTruckMan 21:04 15 May 2006

In ticking this problem as resolved. Please do let us know how you go on with the new board.


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