PC, Printer and Broadband Help Please Help!

  salrid 15:19 16 Aug 2005

I am due to receive a student grant and want to put it to good use at University by upgrading or buying a new computer, purchasing a new printer (I like HP Inkjets)and changing from dial up to broadband.

I have been to the local PC shops and they all seem to be on commission (ie "here at PC World we -are paid to- recommend AOL broadband..."). It has left me confused on what I should get and I'd like any advice peeps would be willing to offer. I am not really bothered about gaming, but I would like to get all the MS office progs and use the comp to /download/store music n films.

Broadband is a mystery to me, I understand how it works, but am having trouble deciding which to go for. For instance, I spotted that Demon has a good rating over others, but it offers 2 packages on 2mb (which I should be able to get) with different prices but they look the same to me!!! I really like HP printers, but again, there are so many different ones that I dont't know which to get.

I'd appreciate any advice you experts out there could give me.

  dukeboxhero 16:34 16 Aug 2005

well salrid i bought the canon pixma ip3000 after pc advisor recommended it, for around £70 its a good all round printer iv no complaints hope this helps

  Jackcoms 16:43 16 Aug 2005

I'm slightly confused by your broadband question.

If you're off to university, as you seem to suggest, your university should provide high speed internet access in your room if you're living on campus.

Thus, the question of which BB provider doesn't really arise.

Or are you living off-campus?

  wobblymike 19:03 16 Aug 2005

Jackcoms observation above spot on but given you are going to provide for yourself

As regards a PC if you are buying a new one you can almost certainly get one with everything rolled into one inc printer and broadband ISP

If you are uograding your own PC via a shop - you get what you pay for - have a go yourself plenty of people on this forum will help you including me if you wish.

Printers - get a balance between quality and price of replacement cartridges I use an Epson C42 USB printer - good quality and dirt cheap cartridges

ISP - I have just gone to Plusnet 2GB uncapped 14.99 per month - I am delighted with it
Hope this helps post back if you want more

  Forum Editor 19:53 16 Aug 2005

is that comment "I like HP Inkjets".

How much printing are you going to do - and will there be a fair bit of colour? Lots of printing means lots of ink, means lots of money gone from your grant - or do you mean loan? Grants are no more as far as I'm aware.

You might want to take a look at the current crop of home/home-office colour lasers - they're a lot cheaper than you might think, and the extra cost will soon be repaid by the much lower cost-per-page, compared to inkjets.

Check out the OKI C3100 and/or the Canon LBP 5200

Both clour lasers, and both about £200. I know that's high compared to an inkjet, but think of all those expensive ink cartridges you won't be buying, and suddenly a laser makes an awful lot of sense.

  salrid 23:02 17 Aug 2005

Thanks for all the info to check into.

I am living at home and have just completed a degree at my local University. I have been accepted onto a PGCE (teaching) course at the same Uni and should receive a £6000 Govt incentive on the course.

Computer is slow and full, dial up is real slow when I'm not using comps at Uni and I had a nightmare on my old HP815c trying to print colour prints for my dissertation last year. Hence my reasoning for upgrading/changing these things.

The reason i said I liked HP was cos I also have a Lexmark all in one which is rubbish and my Sis has an Epson which doesnt print v.good quality.

  DieSse 23:40 17 Aug 2005

Remember you're entitled to Student editions of much software - this can make MSOffice much less expensive for you - and much else too.

You may also find that the course, or place you take it, has special deals for acquiring many things.

  salrid 18:27 13 May 2006

Ok, thanks for all the advice everyone. I still need to get a new printer. Thanks to all your comments on this and other strings....

I purchased a mesh computer in November and it was fine until the mouse stopped working in December...

Then their version of Office stopped working and would not allow me to reload a new version (I managed to get a student version of Office from Novatech); Mesh sent me a fix (when I managed to get into outlook for 5 mins to email them!).....

Then the screen went BANG in March and I'm still waiting for that to be sorted!! Apart from that the actual computer is great.

I hooked up with Demon for broadband and that is great. Now i need a printer with a good scanner and printer. I am not bothered about faxing or photocopying, just good quality printouts.

I have been looking at an HP7210 (£189 from HP) which has had some horrid reviews about paper jamming and software installing, so now I'm not sure. Can anyone give me advice about which one to buy?

P.S. I don't want Epson or Lexmark, but wouldn't mind any other recommendations.

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