PC Price Comparison Websites

  Tinkey Winkey 15:32 24 Jul 2004

Before buying my PC Components and digital cameras etc I often use Price Comparison websites such as Kelkoo and Dealtime in addition to google,ebay and some of my favourite big suppliers only to find that some people have managed to source the same products even cheaper!

Do you know of any good alternative price comparison sites - particuarly for pc bits?

What we need is one 'Mother Of All' which searches all the other comparison sites !This would save so much time!

I guess that google is the nearest thing, but this brings up 4.5 million pages when searching for 'pc price comparison' and whilst it's my day off I just don't think I'll get to look at them all this afternoon!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:39 24 Jul 2004

Just choose 4 of your favourite sites (dabs, ebuyer, pixmania, internetcamerasdirect etc.) and compare them. Life is too short to worry that much about a pound or two here and there. I've generally found ebuyer to be as cheap as any Kelkoo offering and I know that their delivery is spot on/cheapish.


  pj123 16:23 24 Jul 2004

I use Dealtime for price comparison. Pretty good to me. I have just looked on ebay and someone is actually bidding £72 for a printer that Dealtime is listing at £59.99 from PC World. That price is Internet buy but the "Instore price" is £69.99, so still cheaper than ebay.

  woodchip 16:29 24 Jul 2004

These are the ones that I use most in the same order,
click here

click here

  GaT7 16:47 24 Jul 2004

Also see: Pricerunner click here, PlanetPrices click here, Bizrate click here & PCHound click here. HTH, G

  LastChip 16:51 24 Jul 2004
  Stuartli 16:53 24 Jul 2004

You have to take each pricechecker website with a pinch of salt - if they successfully guide a purchaser to a website they get a cut of any purchase price.

So they are only going to guide you to websites with whom they have a vested interest....

  pj123 17:21 24 Jul 2004

Stuartli, I don't believe that's true. Dealtime list the lowest price to the highest price. Why should I buy a product for (say) £90 if another store is offering the same product for £69? By chosing the cheaper option what does Dealtime get out of it?

  Tinkey Winkey 19:43 24 Jul 2004

Thank you for all your sugestions everyone.

Gandalf,I agree life is too short,but then again it would have taken me two weeks (of disposable income) to earn the extra £70.00 that I saved on the average internet price of my digital camera.

Worth a few clicks eh ?

  Stuartli 08:38 25 Jul 2004

You don't seriously believe that such a service is offered without any return whatsoever do you...?

Take a careful note of the URL(s) that come up when you click on links to something in which you are interested.

  pj123 20:09 26 Jul 2004

Stuartli, OK I take your point. But if "store A" is offering an item at (let's say £90" and "store B" is offering the same item at £70 which one
would you go for? (assuming that both stores have the item in stock and can despatch it straight away). What you are implying is that Dealtime would get more "kickback" from the £90 store than the £70 store. So why would they list the £70 store?

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