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Pc powers on but shows no video

  dilloman 02:45 01 Jun 2017

I had it running fine to start w but when I tried to add on a newer disk drive that uses sata instead of ide my games would freeze up when I'm not even doing anything and only running that one game. My psu took a shit after the 3 freeze up so I replaced that but now everything seems to have power but I'm not getting video to the monitor. I already tried disc. Power and taking out the cmos bat. But still nothing. And I've unplugged everything except the CPU (pain in the ass to unplug that) and replugged the ram, disk drive that had ide (one that worked before), and the ssd. I'm not sure what I'm missing.

  q33ny 21:12 03 Jun 2017

Did you replace the PSU with same specs? Does your graphic card requires additional power?

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